Project Background and Objective of JCK Youth Forum

In this age of Globalization, the awareness and activities on global issues among Japanese youth has increased. Also, the number of young people participating in Model United Nations has increased in Japan. Following such social changes in this country, we have decided to hold the first International Model United Nations Conference and a Youth symposium in Japan. We will invite young people from Japan, China and Korea, the three leading countries of Asia and provide them with an opportunity to interact and deepen their understanding of their countries, cultures and participants themselves. We will also present this program to the public via multimedia and share how Asian youths are facing and thinking about current global issues. The following are three objectives of this program:

(1) Building international network

This project aims to provide a ground for students from Japan, China, and Korea, the future leaders of our world, to socialize and share their cultures. Shared time and difficulties from engaging in the same conference and productive discussions would build a long lasting connection among the students of these Asian countries.

(2) Providing an opportunity to understand global issues through cross-cultural interaction

The conference will focus on the development, which is of vital importance for the international community right now. Japan, China, and Korea respectively have different cultural backgrounds and thus stand in different positions on the problem of development. The participants will share their opinions about development from their own perspective, and deepen their understanding of global issues. Furthermore, this program will make the Model United Nations better known by many people and by participating in the symposium, make them feel familiar with and think about the United Nations and global issues.

(3) Developing future leaders

Model United Nations is a worldwide activity organized by more than 400 thousand high school and university students from all around the world and has been a source of various global leaders. This project aims to foster various skills that participant will need in their future life; a skill to present their opinion logically, a skill to lead the issue to a win-win solution by negotiating and communicating with others, and an adequate English level required in the global society.


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